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ductless mini split air conditioner
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Portable Air Conditioner For Computer / Server Rooms

There maybe three Scenario's with your situation:

1. If you have NO floor above the server room, you may opt for permanent solution by using mini split air conditioner. To check how mini split air conditioner work Click Here.

2. If you have a server room with a window or an outside wall, you can buy a no drain portable air conditioner and run the hose through the wall or the window using our window kit. To check "NO DRAIN REQUIRED" portable air conditioners Click Here

3. But if you have floors above the server room and you have no windows or outside wall, you have very few options. Here is your solution.

You will need to buy a portable air conditioner, so you can run the exhaust hose through the ceiling. Remember there is NO air conditioner available that does not need to be vented out. The truth is all air conditioners have compressors that help blow cold air into the room. But after all a compressor is a machine or a motor and when it runs there is heat generated and if this heat is not thrown out of the room, it will end up warming the room instead of cooling the room. Which is why venting or using an exhaust hose is always required.

Remember DO NOT buy "NO DRAIN REQUIRED" portable air conditioner if you will not run the hose through the window. Buy a regular portable air conditioner if you decide to run the hose through the ceiling. Single hose portable air conditioner will be a better option than the dual hose in this case.

Usually computer or server rooms are in the middle of the building where you have no windows. Since all the portable AC's needs to be vented out, the best option our customers have used in the past is to run the hose through the ceiling instead. You can do it with below two options:-

You have to remember, cold air is heavier than the warm air.

1. Place the portable AC on the floor, since the hose is only 5 ft long you can buy an extra 5 ft hose and connect both together. And attach the hose to the ceiling.

2. Option 2 is a better option. As mentioned above since colder air is heavier you can place the portable AC at a certain height on a table/stool. And instead of connecting TWO hoses together, you will now need only one, so you can run it through the ceiling. Now since the cold air is blowing at a 4 or 5 ft height it will actually cool room better as cold air eventually falls down and in the process cools the room better. And now the warmer air has less no. of feet to travel (upwards towards the ceiling), makes it easier and faster for it to escape, thereby cooling room faster as well. Remember all no drain portable air conditioners will shut off automatically if the in built water tank is full. So if you want the continous running of the portable AC, you can connect a 1/2 inch diameter tube to the water outlet and pump it to any other room or a bucket

To buy these single hose portable AC's with no drain, you need to buy Sunpentown brand from this page, click here.

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