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11500/11300 Btu Cooling and 11600/9500 BTU Heating
Package Terminal Air Conditioner and heater



friedrich ptac ac

ptac friedrich ac

package terminal friedrich ac and heat

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11500/11300 Btu Cooling 11600/9500  Heating
Mdl # PDH12K3

What is Included =>

Our Freidrich units typically include the Indoor Grille, Room Freeze Protection, Antimicrobial Air Filter, Internal Diagnostics and Filtered Fresh Air Intake.  The units typically also require some accessories that are sold separately which include the wall case, exterior grille and conduit kit with junction box. To buy these accessories Click Here

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PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners) Features:

  • Over 40 premium standard features is like getting a free upgrade
  • Fits other PTAC sleeves without a baffle kit for easy replacement of other units
  • Super quiet

Model Specifications:

BTU Cooling 11500/11300
BTU Heat 11600/9500
EER 9.8/9.8
Cooling Amps 5.4/5.7
Moisture Removal 2.8 pints/hour
Net Weight 120 lbs
Plug Face 6-20P
Energy Star Qualified? n/a      (Y = Yes, N = No)
Volts 230/208
Cooling Watts 1173/1153
Room Air Circulation 320 CFM
Circuit Breaker Rating 250V-20A
Sleeve Dimensions 16" x 42" x 13 1/2"

friedrich package terminal air conditioner

Electronic temperature limiting
Owners and operators will appreciate the flexibility to set separate heat and cool range limits.

Constant comfort room monitoring
The Smart Center will automatically run the fan to briefly sample the room temperature every nine minutes to ensure desired conditions are maintained.

Desk control ready
Allows hotel owners to effortlessly control unit from a central location.

Auxiliary fan ready
Allows multiple rooms to share one unit.

Remote thermostat operation
Control Friedrich units using either a wallmounted
thermostat, remote control or built-in controls.

“Instant Heat” heat pump mode
Instant heat quickly heats a room to the desired temperature for increased comfort.

Remote control operation
New remote control lets user operate with more convenience (remote control is an optional accessory).

Even heat monitoring
Checks room temperature and automatically adds heat boost if necessary.

Random compressor restart
Protects electrical systems from overload when power is restored.

High efficiency
Reduces your operating costs.

Room freeze protection
Heat initiated if temperature falls to 40°F in an unoccupied room, raising temperature to 46°F.

Filtered fresh air intake
Ideal for applications where indoor air quality is important.

Fan cycle control
Select fan cycling or continuous fan operation for more comfort options.

Electronic defrost control
Ensures more run time in the efficient heat pump mode.

Ships individually palletized
Whether you order 1 or 100 units, each unit is individually palletized to reduce the risk of shipping damage.

fits other ptac sleeves without a baffle kit.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Sleeves are sold and shipped separately to accommodate new construction and replacement requirements.

friedrich ptac ac

package terminal air conditioner

guests rated Friedrich digital ptac the quietest. here’s why–

Room temperature is digitally monitored, providing for more precise control than conventional systems. The
large, easy-to-read LED display can show either set-point or actual room temperature as selected by owner.
When the unit is powered off , the unit can be returned directly to heating or cooling mode by pressing the
‘Heat’ or ‘Cool’ buttons without the confusing power up sequence of some controls. One-touch control takes
guesswork out of unit control, delivering a more enjoyable experience and eliminating front-desk calls.
All 2008 “D” model PTAC units can be controlled by a wireless hand held remote control. The remote
control places all of the controls of the PTAC unit conveniently in the palm of your guest’s hands. The
remote can operate from distances up to 25 feet away. The remote is sold seperately as accessory PDXRC.
By having separate control buttons and indicators for both fan and mode settings, the Friedrich digital
control eliminates the confusion of previous digital PTACs. The accurate temperature setting provides
greater guest comfort than other systems.
The fan start and stop delays prevent abrupt changes in room acoustics due to the compressor energizing
or stopping immediately. Upon call for cooling or heating, the unit fan will run for fi ve seconds prior
to energizing the compressor. Also, the fan off delay allows for “free cooling” by utilizing the already cool
indoor coil to its maximum capacity by running for 30 seconds after the compressor.
Some applications require the use of a wall-mounted thermostat. All new Friedrich PTACs may be switched from
unit control to remote thermostat control easily without the need to order a special model or accessory kit.
The new Friedrich digital PTAC features a self diagnostic program that can alert maintenance to component
failures or operating problems. The internal diagnostic program saves properties valuable time when
diagnosing running problems.
The self diagnosis program will also store error codes in memory if certain conditions occur and correct
themselves such as extreme high or low operating conditions or activation of the room freeze protection
feature. Storing error codes can help properties determine if the unit faced obscure conditions or if an error
occurred and corrected itself.
The on-board processor monitors time between demand cycles (heat or cool) and will cycle the fan every
9 minutes to sample the room condition and determine if the desired conditions are met. This allows the
room to have similar benefi ts to a remote mounted thermostat without the complication or cost of a wallmounted
By limiting the operating range, the property can save energy by eliminating “max cool” or “max heat”
situations common with older uncontrolled systems. The new electronic control allows owners to set operating
ranges for both heating and cooling independently of one another.
When the PTAC senses that the indoor room temperature has fallen to 40°F, the unit will cycle on the
fan (high) and the electric strip heat to raise the room temperature to 46°F, and then cycle off again. This
feature works regardless of the mode selected and can be turned off . The control will also store the Room
Freeze cycle in the service code memory for retrieval at a later date. This feature ensures that unoccupied
rooms do not reach freezing levels where damage can occur to plumbing and fi xtures.
Multiple compressors starting at once can often cause electrical overloads and premature unit failure. The
random restart delay eliminates multiple units from starting at once following a power outage or initial
power up. The compressor delay will range from 180 to 240 seconds.
Diamonblue corrosion protection comes standard on all models. Diamonblue protects the outdoor
coil against deterioration, and extends the life of the unit.
The new Friedrich PTAC uses a digital thermostat to accurately monitor the outdoor coil conditions to allow
the heat pump to run whenever conditions are correct. Running the PTAC in heat pump mode saves
energy and reduces operating costs. The digital thermostat allows maximization of heat pump run time.
Heat pump models will automatically run the electric heater to quickly bring the room up to temperature
when initially energized, then return to heat pump mode. This ensures that the room is brought up to
temperature quickly without the usual delay associated with heat pump units.
The digital control monitors indoor conditions to ensure that the room temperature is within fi ve degrees
of the setpoint. If necessary, the unit will cycle the electric heat to maintain the temperature. This feature
ensures guest comfort by delivering the heating benefi ts of an electric heater while maintaining the effi
ciency benefi ts of a heat pump.
The owner may choose between fan cycling or fan continuous mode based on property preference. (Note:
Even heat monitoring and quiet start/stop fan delay only operate in fan cycle mode) Fan continuous mode
constantly circulates the air while the unit is ‘ON’. Fan cycle will conserve energy by only operating the fan
while the compressor or electric heater is operating.
In the event of a compressor failure in heat pump mode, the compressor may be locked out to provide
heat through the resistance heater. This feature ensures that even in the unlikely event of a compressor
failure, the room temperature can be maintained until the compressor can be serviced.
All Friedrich digital PTACs have low voltage terminals ready to connect a desk control energy management
system. Controlling the unit from a remote location like the front desk can reduce energy usage and
requires no additional accessories on the PTAC unit.
The frost sensor protects the compressor from damage in the event that airfl ow is reduced or low outdoor
temperatures cause the indoor coil to freeze. When the indoor coil reaches 30°F, the compressor is disabled
and the fan continues to operate based on demand. Once the coil temperature returns to 45°F, the
compressor returns to operation.
Friedrich PD series units feature an indoor fan system design that reduces sound levels without lowering
airfl ow or preventing proper air circulation.
The Friedrich PTAC has been engineered so that all functional systems are optimized so that they work
together to deliver the highest possible performance.
Friedrich’s single-motor design allows for enhanced outdoor airfl ow and simplifi es the unit design without
the need for redundant components.
High effi ciency rotary compressors are used on all Friedrich PTACs to maximize durability and effi ciency.
The Friedrich PTAC features a 24V AC terminal for connection to an auxiliary fan that may be used to transfer
air to adjoining rooms. Auxiliary fans can provide conditioning to multiple rooms without the need for
multiple PTAC units.
All Friedrich PTACs are built with .04" endplates made from aluminum as opposed to steel. The endplates
are typically the most susceptible area for corrosion and aluminum is far more resistant to corrosion than
even-coated steel.
All Friedrich PTAC return air fi lters feature an antimicrobial element that has proven to prevent mold
and bacterial growth in laboratory testing. PDXFT replacement fi lter kits feature the same antimicrobial
agent. All fi lters are washable, reusable and easily accessed from the top of the unit without the removal
of the front cover.
Friedrich PTAC units are capable of introducing up to 70 CFM of outside air into the conditioned space. The
outdoor air passes through a washable mesh fi lter to prevent debris from entering the airstream.


installation guide for mini split air conditioner






Mostly All Of Our Products Are Shipped Same Or Next Day

Your product will be mostly shipped by UPS OR FEDEX and will be delivered in 1-5 business days depending upon your geographical location from our warehouses. We ship products from warehouses in NJ, CA,TX And FL. Mostly if you are close to our warehouses, you should receive the AC in 1-3 business days. We will email you your tracking number soon as its shipped out or you can log into your account on our website by using your email address and password you created at the time of placing order to check all the shipment and product details.
Please remember we only ship to 48 states within United States. Due to expensive shipment fee we do not ship to Hawaii & Alaska. We do not ship to Canada, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and other countries due to custom issues.

Though above shipment and delivery process is what we normally practice, under unforseen circumstances they cannot be guaranteed at all times. But we do our best and mostly succeed to ship the product either same or the next day.

Overnight Shipping Details (if required)

We can ship overnight or by Second Day Air. But beacuse these are air conditioners and the package weighs more than 90 pounds, shipping overnight can be anywhere from $180-$250 depending upon your location from our warehouse in NJ, CA,TX And FL.




  • 5 year limited warranty from Friedrich




Quality is our #1 goal. If a product does not meet our strict quality control standards, we will not sell it. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. It is our policy to do everything we can to make our customers happy. We strive for 100% satisfaction. Because your satisfaction is our number one priority, we will do what it takes to ensure your experience with KINGERSONS a positive one.

But out of thousands of units sold every year, there maybe some instances that the product you received is defective. We have the following policy for such situations:-

If unit (any product) is defective, we will gladly make an exchange or send parts for repair. If the unit is delivered damaged, we will have it picked up and send a new replacement at our cost. You will not pay a single cent. Exchanges will only be made with the same model - if customer upgrades or downgrades to a different model, we'll treat it as a return and new order.

If customer does not want exchange and wants to return it instead and wants a refund, customer is responsible to ship unit back to our warehouse at their own expense; restocking fee of 18% will apply regardless if defective and original shipping and handling fee ($148/per unit) will not be refunded. Usually there should be no reason for returns, if there is any problem with the product we will exchange it with a BRAND NEW product at no extra cost to you. Once product(s) is/are shipped, all Packages Refused are considered as returns as well and return policy will apply at the time of refund.

* All returns should be in original packaging and brand new condition. Installed products are not considered brand new and cannot be returned. All returns and exchanges must be requested within 15 days after the receipt of the product. *

If you decide to return the product for ANY reason, you should request an RA# (Return Authorization number). For complete return instructions (if and when required) contact our office for assistance.

If you placed the order and you wanted to cancel the order BEFORE IT IS SHIPPED, we will gladly cancel your order and $15.99 cancellation fee will be charged and credit card processing charges will not be refunded. Please make sure that you call us within few hours after the order is placed. We ship the items out same or next business day. We cannot process cancellations after the product is shipped out. It will be considered as a return instead once the product is shipped and you will need to pay the return charges.

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100% Satisfaction is guaranteed with all your purchases. In case any of the RARE complications occur, we will handle them upto your best interest and satisfaction.


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