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Kingersons Consumer Reviews And Ratings

Buying air conditioners online these days is very tricky.
It is all about quality, features, discounted prices and then the most important thing of all is Warranty. There are very many fly by night company's every year that start business and then dissapear after 12 - 24 months. These are the people who walk into factories, buy returned/used or damaged products, fix them and resell them at half the price. Such units work great for a short period of time and then start giving problems such as issues with circuit boards, valves, leaks etc. That being said buying it from the right source is very important. It is good to find great deals, as long as it is from reliable company. Kingersons will not only help with the warranty as per our website for years to come but will also back it up with lowest prices for brand new items. We do not sell refurbished or used items, our products are stocked in warehouses straight from factory. We have A+ rating on BBB website that should assure you of our reliability as well. http://www.bbb.org/central-florida/business-reviews/air-conditioning-equipment-room-units/kingersons-in-edgewater-fl-210924440

So not only you will pay less at Kingersons, but you will have peace of mind that you have a company that will help with the warranty for years to come, unlike other company's who will leave you stranded after few months.

Discounted Prices - We may not have the absolute lowest prices on the Internet, but hey, do you really want to buy a product from a guy running a business out of a porta-storage in New Jersey? Sure, you may be able to find someone running a rock bottom prices outfit, but will they support it? Do they answer their phone? Do they honor warranties? Will they be around tomorrow?

Quality Service and Support - We not only help you choose the best product for the job, we'll provide support to help you install it and get it working. Also, you'll get no "upsell" from us, if a less expensive product will do the job without compromising your needs, we'll recommend it first.

Knowledgeable staff and Special Project Support - Our employees know our products, and they'll make sure you get the right product for the job. Unlike many internet stores that just sell products, we actively use and test them! This may not be important to you if you are just buying a thermometer for Grandma, but if you have specific heating and cooling needs, we can help design a system to do the job, at no extra charge.

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