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What is a portable air conditioner?

Portable air conditioner is an air conditioner that you can move from one room to another on castors, unlike window and central AC. They can cool any room from bedroom, living room, kitchen, garage, office rooms, Attics, Basements, Boats, Computer room etc. Virtually any room where you cannot have Window AC, Mini Split AC Or Central Air Conditioning System.

Moreover, portable air conditioner installation is not a permanent one, it can packed and put in the storage area soon as the summer season is over. They are very energy efficient, easy to install and at affordable reasonable prices. Most of them not only have Cooling features but also FREE Dehumidifications, Air Purification features to them. You can also buy the one with or without heater.

How Does Portable Air Conditioner Work?

Click Here To See a Simple Diagram On How It Works!

What are ductless mini split air conditioners?
Like the central air conditioner units, mini split air conditioners have two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit. A conduit, which houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain, links the outdoor and indoor units through a small hole (3 inches usually) that is drilled in the wall of the building. The main advantages of mini split air conditioners are their small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms. Some split air conditioners can have as many as four indoor air handling units (for four zones or rooms) connected to one outdoor unit. The number depends on how much heating or cooling is required for the building or each zone (which is also affected by how well the building is insulated). Since each of the split air conditioner zones/rooms will have it's own thermostat, you only need to condition that area when someone is present, which saves energy and money. If you are in a office building at a higher floor, you can also install Outside Compressor using our Wall Bracket. They ARE KNOWN FOR WHISPER SOUND OPERATIONS AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND ARE VERY AFFORDABLE.


How Does Mini Split Air Conditioner Work?

Click Here To See a Simple Diagram On How It Works!


How easy is to install a Portable Air Conditioner?

Very easy, click here to see how!

Whats the difference between a portable ac and a window unit?

Window AC's are traditional AC's that you mount only on windows. They maybe cheaper than portable AC but in the long run you end up spending a lot of money on electricity bills compared to portable AC's. Portable AC's are MOST energy efficient AC's ever manufactured. They save you a lot of electricity bills, you can also move them from one room to another. (have it in living room in day time and move it to bedroom at night and moving is very easy as they have castors). Each AC comes with ONE set of hose and window kit, if you need TWO to set it up in two rooms, you can buy one extra hose and window kit for $20- $35 depending on which brand you are getting. NEVER COMPARE WINDOW BTU'S WITH PORTABLE. Unlike window AC's you can install a portable AC in basement, garage, attic, any apartment, even in boats, trucks, infact in any place where you have a 110V outlet or generator. NEVER COMPARE WINDOW AC BTU's TO PORTABLE AC BTU's. What this means is if someone has 5000 BTU window AC in a bedroom, then not necessarily a 5000 BTU portable AC will be a good replacement. Please go by manufacturers recommendations on sq. ft. Window AC's may sometimes be cheaper than the portable AC's, but they are not convinient and they don't save energy bills and when you buy the right kind of portable AC you not only enjoy the cold room temperature in summer time but also end up saving a lot of money every month. Plus all the portable AC's mostly have dehumidfying fuction inbuilt for free and the capabilities of killing bacteria and preventing dust particles in the room. So they cool and purify the air at the same time.


What is an Air Cooler and how can it be compared to air conditioner?

Air cooler is a product that is considered somewhere between an AC and a Fan. They don't blow cold air as much as an AC does, but they blow refreshing cooler air compared to any fan. Air coolers do not have AC compressors, so there is no way for them to blow cold air. Which is why you have to add ice water or ice cubes or ice packs in the in built water tank of an air cooler. Using this cold energy source it is able to blow cool air into the room. It creates humididty, which is very good for dry summer season. They are very POPULAR for dry and hot weather.



Will the air cooler cool a very small room?

NO, It cools only your personal area. Unlike portable AC's they are not getting rid of the hot air that is in the room already, whereas portable AC's gets rid of heat in the room through exhaust hose and blows cold air into the room as well. Air cooler does not have a compresor so it is not capable enough to blow as much cold air into the room as much as portable AC does. But people who cannot use the exhaust hose or want to save some money or people who have no other option of using an AC opt to buy the air coolers instead. They are very POPULAR for dry and hot weather.


Advantages Of Buying Portable Air Conditioner

a. All the portable air conditioners are energy efficient compared to window AC's. You can save a lot of money on energy bills.

b. They don't have to be permanently installed, you can move them from one room to another easily as they have castors to move them around. As long as you have the exhaust vent system setup in two rooms, you can use it in living room day time and in bedroom at night for example.

c. Easy Installation. Under normal circumstances, any portable AC can be easily installed by one person. No additional help usually is needed.

d. Heating function available. If you buy the one with heater, you can also use the same unit in winter time.

e. Removes odor and collects dust particles.

f. Prevents bacteria build up.

g. Has FREE dehumdifying functions.

h. Digital thermostat with auto TURN OFF timer, which can be set from 1-12 hours.


Why do you have exhaust/vent a portable air conditioner? Why do you need a hose and window or wall kit?

This is how a portable AC works, it blows cold air from the front panel and blows warm air from the back of the air conditioner. This is because the compressor inside these AC's which help blow cold air into the room get hot after running for a certain while and all the heat generating from this compressor needs to be thrown outside or else it will end up heating the room instead of cooling it. This is why you run the hose outside either through the window or wall or through ceiling or any other possible means like fireplace for example. We just wanna make sure all that heat is going out and stays out so you can enjoy cold breeze in the room.

Can Exhaust hose be vented through glass doors and crank open windows?

Absolutely, exhaust hose can be vented through the glass door using one or two of our window kits. With crank open windows, you can use our window kit with some tape or you can also use a Plexiglas that you can buy locally and run the hose right through it.

What if the exhaust hose is installed wrong?

In that case the hot air will not go out as it is suppsed to and will remain in the room instead thereby warming the room instead of cooling it.

What kind of outlet do I need for the portable AC?

Most of the portable air conditioners and coolers can be plugged into any regular home/office outlet. YOU DO NOT NEED SPECIAL PLUG FOR THESE AC'S. You only need a different outlet when you buy 16,000 BTU Portable AC from Amcor and 14000BTU AC from sunpentown. These TWO Ac's are the strongest in the industry, and the compressor is stronger than usual. So to make sure that these two strong AC's have enough required energy, they need the kind of plug displayed on our website. You cannot buy an adapter to set this up with your regular outlet. You have to wire it directly to the wall. Your electrician is the best person to talk to about how to add this plug in your home/office if you choose to buy above two AC's. Mostly it is an easy process and can be done in few hours. But if you are buying any other AC's you can just plug them into any regular home outlet.

Below is the regular Outlet you need for most of our AC's. This is your regular outlet which you need for all AC's from 1000 BTU - 14000 BTU from Amcor. Every home/office in the U.S have these outlets.
Below outlet is needed ONLY FOR 16000 BTU Portable AC and 14000 BTU from Sunpentown brand. Most of the new homes/offices have these kind of outlets, but if you don't have one of these you can have them installed. Please note 14000 BTU Portable AC from Amcor DOES NOT need below outlet as it operates on regular outlet.


Regular Outlet

Heavy Duty Outlet


What is an ionizer?

An air ionizer is a relatively new device that is intended to purify the air. As its name implies, instead of using fans and filters, an air ionizer creates ions which remove microscopic particles from the air. Rooms are healthier for those suffering from asthma, allergies, impaired immunity, or respiratory ailments, without as many allergens circulating in the lungs.

Is there a difference between amcor and sunpentown brands that we sell?

Not really , they use the same functionality, they have similar prices. Only difference is Amcor products have FREE air purifier and they have 5 year compressor warranty and Sunpentown products have 1 year compressor warranty. Both brands are popular and have great quality ratings best in the industry.

Do they make any sound?

All Ac's have sound because the compressor in these AC's is never sound proof. The the sound is not that loud, it is decent enough to do regular things and have a good night sleep if installed in the bedroom. Each Ac has a different sound level but they are fairly close ranging from 45 - 51.5 dBA

What is the cost for extra window kit if your my window is larger than regular size?

Amcor's window kit - $20 sunpentown window kit - $30

If the air purifier is FREE and does it come with my portable AC with no additonal cost ?

If the Air Purifier is FREE, it needs to be shipped separately. We cannot put the air purifier package in the AC package and combine them into one shipment.

Does the unit need to be vented out when its in a heat mode ?

Yes it still needs to be vented out if it is in the heat mode as it works exactly how it works in the cool mode. In short when you run it in heat mode, it will blow hot air into the room from the front and the back will be blowing out the cold air through the hose.

How often you have to drain the water from the AC?

Depends maybe once every 2-4 days or maybe once every 4 or 6 hours. It all depends upon humidity.

Is there any AC without hose?

We have a new portable AC of 1000 BTU that does not need to be vented out. It is more like a personal portable AC. BUT ALL PORTABLE ACS COME WITH HOSES and need to be vented out for optimal results.


What is self evaporation? and what is its purpose in portable AC's?

All air conditioners have to go through a condensation process. In window air conditioners, because more than 75% of the AC is mounted outside the window, all the condensed water is allowed to drip freely outside. But in case of portable AC, because the AC is inside the room, all the condensed water is stored within an in built tank that needs to be drained. So our Portable AC's use latest technology of Self Evaporation. In this process, AC tries to get rid of most of the water stored in the in built tank by self evaporation, thereby leaving only a small amount that needs to be drained manually which is quiet easy as well. ALL portable AC's have in built water tank which holds water that cannot be self evaporated. Once that water tank is full, the AC shuts itself down and a light blinks on air conditioner's LCD panel indicating it needs to be emptied.

BASED ON THIS TECHNOLOGY AC WILL NEVER LEAK EVEN WHEN THE WATER TANK IS FULL. There is a small rubber cork at the bottom of the AC, ONCE YOU PULL that out, the water just drains out and you can empty it in any pan and restart the AC right away. How often would you need to empty the water tank? Answer is no one can really predict that, as it totally depends on the humidity. It could be once a week or once every few hours. It all depends on your usage and the humidity on that particular day and you can always use the option 2 for continous drainage without having to worry about emptying. Continous drainage system drains the water automatically and you never have to empty it manually and it is very easy to setup as well. See option 2 for continous drainage and option 1 for manual drainage below.

Draining a portable air conditioner is easy and takes just few seconds.

STEP 1 : Turn Off the unit, Position the water tray or any tray available flat on the floor under the drain hole.
STEP 2 : Unscrew the drain knob & pull rubber plug from the drain hole, the condensed water will drain out automatically.




OPTION 2 : You can also attach a drain pipe to the air conditioner for continous drainage as above.
You can easily attach an extension to the water tube for longer drainage setup, if needed.


What is BTU?

A British thermal unit (Btu) is a standard unit of energy that is used in the United States and sometimes in the U.K. It represents the amount of thermal energy necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of pure liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit at the temperature at which water has its greatest density (39 degrees Fahrenheit). The Btu is a measure in the so-called English system of units (the foot-pound-second system). Other countries use the joule, the unit of energy in the International System of Units (SI). A Btu is equivalent to approximately 1055 joules (or 1055 watt-seconds).


How much water can the in bulit water tank in the AC hold?

Upto 1/2 gallon approx. Around 3.2 pints.

How long is exhaust hose?

It is mostly 5 inch in diameter and 5 ft long. If you need additional hose you can always order more for $15 each.

Are portable air conditioners used to cool computer server rooms?
This is one of the most common uses of a portable air conditioner! Even in small computer rooms, a 12000 BTU unit should be purchased due to the extra heat produced. Moreover, the portable AC will help keep the air dry which is more suitable for computer applications.  

What if I was out of home/office for more than 3 days and I wanted AC to run while I was gone without it shutting down due to water tank getting full? If you want AC to run continously for more than couple of days without shutting OFF automatically because the water tank was full. In that case, we recommend you to mount the AC on any small table or stool and put a small bucket or attach a 1/2 inch hose to the outlet for continous drainage. Reason AC is mounted on a small stool is so the water can drain using gravity.

If you don't like either of the above setup and the idea of mounting the AC on a table or stool, then you can buy an AC that has an in built water pump. This way AC can remain on the floor and the water pump will pump the water out to wherever the you want it.





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